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Practical AI Training for DX/AI Human Resource Development

We are officially licensed to offer Deep Learning and Data Scientist training courses developed by Tokyo University. Our AI talent development program features practical content focused on hands-on exercises using real data and is characterized by high learning effectiveness designed based on educational engineering principles.

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Solving Challenges through Technology & Solcial Implementation

We provide consulting services focused on the technical aspects of AI technology introduction, research, and development. Depending on the client's situation, we offer technical services such as AI technology implementation and development.

We are available for consultations at any time.



Industry Solutions

We will help solve business issues

in each industry using AI technology.


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In addition to a labor shortage and an aging workforce due to the declining birthrate and aging population, the manufacturing industry is facing major issues such as passing on the key skills. Furthermore, as it becomes important to strengthen competitiveness in the globalizing market and ensure stable operations during the coronavirus pandemic, the key is how to continue manufacturing efficiently with limited personnel. In the manufacturing industry, the use of AI technology such as defective product selection and work automation is already progressing, but NABLAS not only provides technical solutions but also advances in IoT, robot control, MBD (model based development), etc. We are also innovating the manufacturing industry process (supporting the shift to smart factories) and training AI human resources for the manufacturing industry.


The mass communication and media industry is faced with issues such as loss of viewers/subscribers due to the rise of new media such as various SNS, and efficiency and automation in reporting, writing, etc. Another characteristic of the industry is that most of the work is accomplished by humans due to the large responsibility of mass media and from an ethical perspective. On the other hand, as media continue to diversify and vast amounts of information are generated every day, there is a renewed need for speed and accuracy in the mass media industry. It is expected that the burdens and issues that have been imposed so far can be alleviated by effectively separating the work done by AI and humans, such as automatic article summaries, AI announcers, and more efficient information gathering.


Mass Media / Media


The entertainment industry provides entertainment, excitement, and healing to people not only through games, anime, movies, music, and paintings, but also through amusement facilities. While there is excitement and joy that can only be conveyed through the involvement of human creativity, it is also true that there are parts of creative activity that must be given up due to constraints such as human and time costs on the production side. Meanwhile, in recent years AI has appeared that takes on the creative aspects of humans, such as drawing and composing, and is expected to improve quality and shorten production times. Even in fields that require creativity, collaboration with AI, such as AI generation technology and synthesis technology, is gradually expanding, and we are approaching a world where everyone can become a creator.



In the mail order and e-commerce sector, AI technology is being increasingly used to improve the efficiency of existing operations, such as in advertising and data analysis, inventory optimization, and customer feedback analysis. In the apparel sector, there are also moves to use AI technology to solve issues such as clothing disposal, labor costs, and the difficulty of predicting trends. With mail order and e-commerce seeing increased demand due to social influences, it is expected that AI will be used further in predicting customer purchasing activities, AR (virtual reality) imaging, trend forecasting, product recommendations, etc.


Apparel / Retail / EC


The finance and real estate industries are moving towards greater efficiency in their operations through the combination of technology in the form of "fintech" and "real estate tech." Due to the nature of the products they handle, they face challenges not only in terms of streamlining operations, but also in terms of improving credit ratings, strengthening security, and declining demand due to population decline.

They are making progress in their efforts to utilize AI, such as fraud detection using

time-series data analysis technology and anomaly detection technology, and the creation of services that will lead to a shift in business models, such as AI recommendation technology for real estate brokerage.

Finance / Real Estate


In the field of human resources and HR, employment mismatches and labor shortages are cited as issues. In addition, there are cases where fairness in personnel evaluations is an issue. In recent years, AI technology has emerged that can help solve these issues. As AI adoption spreads across industries, the shortage of AI personnel who can handle AI has also become a major issue. NABLAS trains personnel who can introduce AI and promote AI projects, as well as AI personnel who can actually use AI technology.


Human Resource Development,
Education, HR

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Operation work that occurs in various business scenes. Improving the efficiency, improving quality, and reducing costs of a series of tasks and practices are always issues that are being called for, and in order to achieve these, "certainty" and "speed" are essential, given limited human resources. The key is to demonstrate this. By introducing AI suitable for each scene, it is possible to improve efficiency, improve quality, and reduce costs in operational work.

Operation Work


In the various markets where competition has become increasingly intense in recent years, there is a need in the marketing field to quickly analyze all the data acquired and reflect it in the competitive market. Additionally, with the diversification of customers and demand, personalized services are expected. By automatically and quickly analyzing and processing various data obtained from various media using AI, it helps understand user behavior and demand and presents personalized and optimal information at the optimal timing.


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