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Abnormality Detection and Life Prediction

AI Predicts Equipment Abnormalities and Lifespan with High Accuracy from Sensor Data

The "Anomaly Detection and Life Prediction Solution" predicts and detects signs of equipment improving the efficiency of maintenance and repair work and predicting the life of all equipment. For stable production line operation, it is important to quickly discover abnormalities and signs of failure in the equipment that manufactures products. The introduction of AI makes it possible to monitor equipment conditions in real time and detect abnormalities with a high degree of accuracy, thereby reducing maintenance costs and maintaining continuous high productivity .



Main Usage Scenarios

Equipment Maintenance and Replacement Timing Determination


Swift Abnormality Detection Across Manufacturing Processes


Efficient Labor and Remote Supervision for

Maintenance Staff

Traditionally, data has been monitored visually by skilled workers and anomalies have been detected based on empirical rules, but by training the latest machine learning models on data obtained from sensors, anomalies can be detected without relying on human labor. This reduces the burden of maintenance work, such as checking huge amounts of data and long hours of monitoring.


It is possible to pick out sensor data that indicates a high degree of abnormality

from the vast amount of sensor data installed on the production line.


It is possible to detect abnormalities with high accuracy even during long-term monitoring.


Solution Features


Select Appropriate Model, Including Non-ML, Based on Purpose.


Can Be Customized To Suit

Your Environment


Can Be Used for Small Amounts

of Data


Utilizing The Latest

High-Precision Models

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