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Fake Detection in Identity Verification

Accurately Detecting

All Types of Fakes with AI

The "Fake Detection in Identity Verification Processes" solution primarily utilizes AI in identity verification processes within financial and real estate services to confirm that the user is indeed the actual person. By leveraging AI, it becomes possible to detect impersonations in videos and audio recordings that are difficult for humans to discern.

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Main Usage Scenarios


Detecting Fakes in Identity Verification Processes


Prevention of Impersonation


Solution Features


Achieving High Accuracy in Video and Image Detection


Ability to Detect Fakes

in Noisy Audio


Person Authenticity Analysis Beyond Real or Fake Detection


Enhanced Detection of Unknown Fake Generation Methods

White Paper

Deepfake technology is an imminent threat to society, but the underlying technology, generative deep learning, is of great industrial value and is a promising technology that is expected to bring about change in many industries. NABLAS has published a white paper that not only discusses the threats and negative aspects of deepfakes, but also highlights the underlying technology, generative deep learning, and fake detection technology.

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