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We contribute to build a society where people can live better with AI technologies.

NABLAS created value in the coming AI era, by doing research and development cutting-edge AI technology and connecting people and technology.
We are a professional team of highly specialized engineers who specialize in  AI/Deep Learning technology. And We always look for individuals who solve difficult problems together.
Why don’t you join the big challenge of building a society where people can live like people by utilizing their own expertise.


What supports NABLAS is the culture that respects technology.
We are recruiting in various positions, including specialists who master the technology and solve difficult problems.
We are currently seeking new members and internships.You can check the specific job postings for additional information.

Know more about NABLAS

Open positions

Software Engineer


Full Time

Software engineers in NABLAS engage in (Web) applications development using modern & latest web development technologies.



Part Time

NABLAS is accepting students who want to work with us as an internship for a wide range of positions including Research Engineers, iLect Assistant, and Software Engineer.

Research Engineer


Full Time

Research engineers in NABLAS work in challenging projects using Deep Learning / Machine Learning technologies.

PR Specialist


Full Time

PR Specialists in NABLAS engage in a wide range area of work in public relations, marketing and branding.

iLect Assistant


Part Time

Research assistants in NABLAS work in iLect, an advanced AI education service, for helping the study of Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

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