iLect Assistant


Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Part Time

Job Description

Working Environment & Welfare

  • NABLAS has offices in front of the main gate of The University of Tokyo and on the campus.

  • Standard equipment; a laptop PC, a large curved surface display, an elevated desk, an Aeron chair.

  • Modern working environment

  • Free use of grass, bouldering, and counter (café) areas

  • Free drinks, ice cream (summer only), and snacks are always available.

We believe that the University of Tokyo is one of the most interesting places for working in Japan. It's an interesting mixture of culture, nature and modern architectures in the center of Tokyo. There are many important facilities empower our productivities such as; Starbucks, convenience stores, relaxing parks, a breath-taking pond, even gym, and landmarks on the campus.


Minimum qualifications

* Experience in creating machine learning algorithms

* At least several years of experience coding in Python (Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-learn)

* (Deep learning mentors only) At least 1 year of experience using deep learning libraries such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, etc.

* Ability to use communication tools such as Slack, Google Drive, etc.

Preferred qualifications

* (Deep learning mentors only) Experience in image processing, natural language processing, and series data analysis.

* Experience developing deep learning algorithms based on CNNs, GANs, and generative models

* Experience creating datasets

* Experience with MLOps technologies

* Experience working on application and system development projects

About the Company

AI Research Institute "NABLAS Co., Ltd." is a startup company from the University of Tokyo. We aim to realize a society in which people can live like people by delivering cutting-edge AI technology to society. ILect Co., Ltd., the predecessor of the company, has been focusing on activities to develop human resources who can use the latest AI technology, but what I strongly felt is that developing human resources is not enough. It was the very need for society to connect directly to address problems by solving problems. Under such circumstances, NABLAS wants to contribute to the realization of a society in which people can live like humans through human resource development, research and development, and consulting activities in the AI ​​field.

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