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AI & Deep Learning

The neural network and deep learning technology, which have a history of research and development inspired by the structure of the brain, have performance and versatility that far exceed conventional machine learning technology. Technological development is progressing rapidly all over the world, and its application is progressing in a wide range of fields.

Main application fields: medical image analysis, automatic driving, automatic translation, text processing, text generation, game AI, crime prevention / security

AI&Deep Learing

iLect Core & Enterprise

iLect is a cloud-based scientific computing platform specialized in the fields of AI and data science. In addition to enabling efficient use of computing resources using virtualization technology, the highly flexible system enables efficient use of computing resources from education to practical development. There is also iLect Enterprise developed for in-house and data centers, and a job management system for effective use of computer resources.


Major technologies: GPU, virtualization, scientific computing, distributed processing, Deep Learning, Python, Jupyter Notebook

iLect Core&Enerprise

Web + AI

At this moment, a lot of new information continues to be published on the Web. By using Web mining technology in combination with AI technology, it is possible to predict important metrics in the field of finance and marketing, visualize user reactions, and extract structured knowledge. We also develop highly scalable web applications for masses using learned Deep Learning models and model distribution technology.

Web + AI

Finance + AI

The financial field is one of the fields that will change significantly due to the development of AI technology. Cases in which we have already succeeded in completely transforming our business by advancing the automated trading system using AI and the movement to introduce AI technology into illegal transactions are becoming active. NABLAS will support the efforts to bring the competitiveness of companies by introducing AI technology in the financial and finance fields.


Main technologies: Series data analysis, fluctuation prediction, anomaly detection, fraudulent transaction detection

Finance + AI

Medical + AI

The medical field is one of the fields that have undergone major evolution due to Deep Learning technology. In addition to diagnosis support based on analysis of medical images, we are promoting technological development that includes medical texts.


Main technology: image recognition, attention

Medical + AI
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