We Deliver AI Technologies to solve 

Challenging Problems for all of us

NABLAS service overview

– Creating a society where people can live like humans with AI technology –

AI consulting

We provide solutions that utilize cutting-edge AI technology, such as business improvement, new business startup, and technology research and development.

R & D

We provide one-stop services from technically difficult and highly researchable projects to application development and operation.

AI human resource development

We will develop advanced human resources who can use technologies such as deep learning, machine learning, and data science.

AI education service "iLect"

Data analysis

We support corporate activities by developing systems that intelligently process large amounts of data, discovering insights, and analyzing trends.

HPC consulting

Regarding the computing environment required for data storage and analysis, we propose various designs that take various conditions into consideration and support the operation.

Provision of AI engine

From general machine learning technology to the most advanced deep learning technology, we provide AI models and processing engines optimized (learned) according to the application.

Our clients & Partners


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