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AI Engineer

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Job Description

At NABLAS, our main mission is to solve challenging problems by leveraging the most suitable machine learning methods for various types of data. As an AI engineer, you will be involved in multiple projects and collaborate closely with other staff members. Your responsibilities will vary based on your experience and aptitude.

【Actively Hiring】

NABLAS is dedicated to research and development of deepfake detection technology, focusing on distinguishing between genuine and potentially AI-generated content. We welcome applications from those interested in research and development in the field of deepfake detection.

Main Responsibilities:

- Conducting surveys, prototyping, implementing machine learning deep learning models, and verification for R&D projects

- Designing new algorithms

- Technical research

- Application development

- Library development

- Building and managing HPC environments

- Hardware setup

- Project management

- Providing guidance and education

- Document creation and presentations

You will work with various types of data and technologies, including audio data, sensor data, image and text data, and signal processing.

Key Requirements

  • Master's or doctoral degree, or equivalent level of knowledge in fields such as AI, computational science, and information science
  • Work experience in speech processing and signal processing (e.g., FFT, wavelets, mel spectrogram analysis, development of deep learning and machine learning methods for audio data)
  • Experience in creating machine learning algorithms
  • Over 3 years of coding experience in Python (Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-learn)
  • Experience using communication tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Trello, JIRA

Additional skills

  • Broad knowledge in speech processing (e.g., WaveNet, WaveRNN, Tacotron, SV2TTS) and other deep learning techniques
  • Experience in creating datasets for speech signal data
  • Experience in developing deep learning algorithms based on CNNs, GANs, and generative models
  • Experience using PyTorch, TorchAudio, TensorFlow, OpenCV, and other tools
  • Experience using MLOps techniques
  • Experience using development tools such as IDEs, debuggers, Jupyter, and Git
  • Experience participating in application system development projects
  • Experience participating in and winning data analysis competitions like Kaggle
  • Experience participating in and winning competitive programming competitions like AtCoder



Full-time / Outsourcing (negotiable)


To be determined based on experience and ability


Full remote is available.

Office : 1F Hongo Tsuna Building, 6-17-9 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Work Hours

Flextime system (core time / 10:30 - 16:00)

*Varies depending on employment status


  • 2 days off per week
  • National Holidays
  • Year-end and New Year holidays (December 30 - January 3)
  • Annual paid vacations
  • Special leave for new employees: 5 days upon hire
  • Refreshment leave: 5 days / year
  • Maternity/paternity leave, congratulation or condolence leave

*Varies depending on the employment status.


  • Executive allowance
  • Overtime allowance
  • Telecommuting allowance
  • Commuting allowance
  • Salary increase (as needed)
  • Bonus: Twice a year (based on performance and results)
  • Incentives

*Depends on employment status


  • Social insurance
  • Labor insurance
  • Corporate defined contribution pension plan
  • Trust-type stock option plan
  • Book purchase system
  • Kaggle and AtCoder support system
  • Use of Kilter Board

*Depends on employment status

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