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Engineer Supports


Kaggle and AtCoder Support Program

Kaggle and AtCoder, depending on your respective achievements, allow you to devote a portion of your work time to competition activities. We also provide support for the computing resources needed in our activities, which can be used regardless of rank or number of medals won.

Engineer Study Session

We regularly hold weekly study sessions where engineers share their knowledge and the latest technologies and trends in the industry.

We also hold a competitive programming study group, a smart factory study group, and other spontaneous study groups.

Powerful computing resources

We have three DGX Stations and other powerful GPU-equipped calculators that are well received and often used by in-house engineers who participate in Kaggle.

Engineer-First Development Environment

Although the company is centered on remote work, the in-house development environment is also well maintained, with a large 38-inch curved display and high-function chairs at every seat.

Full-Remote Work

Employees are free to choose to work from the office or at home, so that each can work in a relaxed environment.

Flex-Time System

Core hours of 10:30-16:00 allow each employee to control their working hours to suit their lifestyle.

Refreshment Vacation

5 consecutive days off per year, in addition to your annual leave, to maintain high performance with quality rest.

Book Purchase

Support the purchase of necessary work-related books, allowing you to fully enhance your skills and knowledge.

Exam Fee Coverage

Cover the exam fees for certifications, such as the Project Manager exam, that help you enhance your skills.

Use of Killter Board

Use the bouldering wall in the community space to relieve the lack of exercise or to take a break during work.

Welfare programme


Technology Stacks


Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, R, Go, C, HTML, CSS

Framework / Library

PyTorch, scikit-learn, Streamlit, TensorFlow, Django, Flask, FastAPI, Playwright, Vue3


Azure, GCP, AWS, Terraform, RabbitMQ, Ansible

Development Tools

GitHub, Sentry, Google Cloud, JupyterLab, VSCode, Openapi

Communication Tools

Slack, Jira Software, Confluence


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