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AI Research Institution NABLAS

Free Private AI Consultation

For corporate clients with challenges related to AI implementation and utilization, we offer individual consultations online.

Challenges of Business Transformation and Project Management

 The Difficulties of Business Transformation in the AI Era 


  1. Balancing industry knowledge and tech evolution

  2. Predicting impact and ROI, setting goals

  3. Avoiding unnecessary actions and investments

Data Management

  1. Unifying disparate data sources

  2. Establishing valuable data infrastructure

  3. Continuously collecting and utilizing data


  1. Scarcity and retention of AI experts

  2. Bridging the gap between management and staff

  3. Developing business-savvy technical talent

  4. Building AI teams and discovering internal talent

  5. Effective training programs


  1. Keeping pace with AI advancements

  2. Addressing talent shortages in new product development

  3. Assessing technical feasibility and limitations

  4. Selecting and combining technologies

  5. Predicting project scale and outcomes

We support you from initial AI and DX consultation to project initiation, system implementation, and talent development.

NABLAS Integrated AI Solutions


Our integrated AI solutions provide comprehensive support for all necessary processes in advancing AI projects. From consulting to implementation and ongoing operations, we handle a wide range of tasks, offering cost benefits and significantly reducing the burden on project managers and companies. This enables you to focus on your core business. Additionally, we support the development of in-house AI talent and the internalization of AI utilization.

What does Free AI consultation offer?

Recommended for companies with the following concerns:

Considering Machine Learning and AI, but...

Can't calculate ROI design projects. 

Need to Strengthen AI in the Company, but...

Unsure of what steps to take

Many Potential AI Applications, but...

Unsure which to prioritize, and ongoing projects are stalled.

Currently AI Systems Not Performing Well...

Need guidance on

how to improve them

In our Free Private AI Consultation,

we offer online, personalized consultations for corporate clients facing challenges related to AI implementation and utilization.

Our AI consultants, who are actively involved in AI project management and consulting at our company, will be available to address your inquiries. We are also open to discussing specific strategies based on the data you provide.


Target Audience

Individuals responsible for AI promotion and utilization projects or departments within domestic corporate entities.
※We regret to inform you that we are unable to accept inquiries from individuals or inquiries unrelated to the above.

Event Format

Upon individual contact and schedule coordination, consultations will be conducted via web conferencing tools. Each session will last approximately 45 minutes.

Application Process

After applying, we will send you a hearing sheet. Once you have responded to it, we will coordinate a schedule with you individually.
※Please note that reservation slots are limited, so it may take some time to coordinate.

Handling of Information

The information provided by you will be handled appropriately based on our company's privacy policy. It will be used for the following purposes:

-Notification of relevant information regarding the consultation session and

its utilization in our business operations

-Sending various notifications such as event announcements and

website updates organized by our company.



Kotaro Nakayama

Representative Director

Founded and served as the president of Kansai Institute of General Information, Inc. during student days. D. from the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University, and worked as an assistant professor and lecturer at the Center for Structuring Knowledge, The University of Tokyo, and the Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. Specialties in AI, knowledge processing, web mining, and large-scale computation.


Kunio Suzuki

AI Consulting Partner

Joined Boston Consulting as a new graduate and engaged in technology,  manufacturing,  infrastructure,  energy,  pharmaceutical business strategy, new business launch, digital marketing related projects. After that,  was in charge of business management of several startups related to AI,  cloud services,  biotechnology.

NABLAS employs many AI engineers and Data scientists who are well-versed in a variety of technologies.

Depending on the company's challenges and phase,

we may have talented AI engineers and data scientists, including Kaggle Masters, present.


We accept consultations at any time.

Please feel free to apply / inquire.

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