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AI Research Engineer
S.T | Join in 2019


What led you to join the company?

"I want to work in a startup where I can handle projects in various fields."

During my time at ICU (International Christian University), I developed an interest in machine learning. Initially, I focused on image-related themes, but after advancing to graduate school at the same university, I conducted research on time-series data using machine learning, analyzing phenomena like stock price movements.

After completing my master's program, I connected with President Nakayama through LinkedIn, which led me to join NABLAS. I've always wanted to work at a venture where I could handle projects across various fields, rather than a large corporation. Currently, I'm enjoying my work here, as I get the opportunity to contribute to diverse projects.

What are your duties?

"I'm engaged in a wide range of activities from in-house product development

to joint research and development projects."

As a research engineer in the R&D department, I am involved in the development of our company's products and collaborative projects with other companies. In our own product development, I focus on creating a search system for a wide range of data types. In collaborative research projects with other companies, I work on applying newly developed machine learning methods to daily research and development tasks, as well as improving or developing new machine learning methods as needed.

What would you like to do in the future?

I would like to help society or people with the machine learning models I have created.

We want to work on both our own product development and joint research with other companies respectively. For our own product development, we want to develop products that automate or semi-automate tasks and reduce human labour. In joint research and development with other companies, we want to develop machine learning models that support and actually solve company-specific problems. Also, as we may not always know what tasks can be automated by AI ourselves, I would like to help identify tasks that could be automated by machine learning models. Ultimately, I would be happy if my machine learning models can help society or someone else.


What do you like about NABLAS?

"I get new perspectives and advice from the best members of the team."

There are many talented members at NABLAS who know things I don't know, and I get advice and suggestions from new perspectives, so just working with them is a great environment where I can learn and be stimulated. I also think it's attractive that we are a remote working company, so I can freely choose the environment where I can concentrate the most at that time, such as at home or in the office.

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