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General Manager of
iLect (AI Talent Development)

S.M | Join in 2020


What led you to NABLAS?

"Solving societal issues on a personal level through AI-driven solutions."

In my previous role at a manufacturing company, I often encountered challenges related to human intuition and subjective issues in quality management, which hindered the stabilization of quality. I have long believed that overcoming these challenges requires the appropriate use of machinery, data, and other tools. It was during this time that I was scouted by the company on Wantedly. I joined because I believe in the potential of AI as a solution to such societal issues and saw an opportunity to contribute based on my experience at a startup in my previous role, especially considering the nature of the company's early-stage business initiatives.

What are your duties?

"From coordinating the DX / AI talent development initiative to shaping the overall organizational structure of the company"

I am involved in various activities ranging from revenue management, strategic planning, sales activities, task management, team leadership for the overall DX / AI talent development program. Additionally, I handle operations such as managing training courses and providing support to participants. Recently, I have also been involved in shaping the overall organizational structure of the company, identifying individual skills and preferences, and organizing tasks to match each person's strengths and interests as much as possible.


What would you like to do in the future?

"I want to solve our customers' challenges

beyond the boundaries of provider and recipient roles."

I aspire to provide solutions that leverage the experiences gained from our R&D endeavors to further delight our current customers and reach a wider audience. By understanding and collaborating closely with each of our customers, we aim to transcend the conventional roles of provider and recipient and work together to address their challenges. It is my goal to deliver services that cater to these needs.


What makes your job worthwhile? 

"I realize our education is directly applicable to real-world problem-solving."

I find worthwhile and joy when I witness our training directly contributing to solving real-world business challenges. It's gratifying to see our alumni thriving in their actual roles after completing the training. Additionally, while we have many talented members in our company, it's particularly rewarding to observe significant growth among our members as we collectively set and strive towards ambitious goals.

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