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Fake Detection Service

Multi-Data Solutions for Video, Image, Audio, and Text

Fake Detection Service

In our fake detection service, we offer a fake detection app that determines whether the data in question is AI-generated fake data. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive fake detection report service that evaluates the reliability of the data, examining if it has been reused or edited from past images. The service content can be customized based on the type of data being analyzed, the usage environment of the detection app, and the purpose of the detection.



The fake detection app identifies whether data, including images, videos, and audio, are AI-generated. It features a heatmap showing AI focus areas, a fact-checking function that verifies text authenticity using databases and online sources, and an AI-generated text detection capability. These combined features ensure comprehensive and reliable fake detection.


Fake Detector

For companies with the following concerns:

Seeking to check if images, videos, and audio are AI-generated fakes

Looking to perform fake detection on various forms of data

Seeking to verify the authenticity of text information



Fake Testing Service

The Fake Detection Report service conducts comprehensive reliability checks, including not only AI-based fake detection but also reliability assessments of accounts and dissemination routes associated with the data, fact-checking based on ancillary information such as data manipulation and links contained

within the data.

For companies with the following concerns:

Seeking more detailed data verification

Needing a comprehensive check to ensure data reliability


Solution Features

LP_フェイク検知サービス (1).png

Multi-Format Compatibility

LP_フェイク検知サービス (3).png

Customized for Diverse Applications and Environment


Works with Advanced Generative AI


01: Data Learning

02: Accuracy Evaluation

03: Automatic Detection System Updates

LP_フェイク検知サービス (6).png

Comprehensive Reliability Checks





Preliminary Consultation

Requirement Gathering

App/System Provision

*Standard Development Flow: Please note that the actual development process may vary for each client.

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