AI education and human resource development

In addition to developing and operating a scientific computing platform "iLect" that uses GPU, we are conducting AI human resource development business under license from Deep Learning Course and Data Scientist Training Course created by The University of Tokyo.

Now that deep learning and AI technology are transforming operations in various fields, not only training of technical personnel but also new decision-making in management decision making and marketing are required. 



We are developing new technologies and systems for launching new businesses. We will build a system based on a comprehensively optimized design, a quick and robust development process, and an efficient architecture that comprehensively considers the computing environment and users.

AI consulting

In The technology of neural networks and deep learning, which has a history of research and development inspired by the structure of the brain, has performance and versatility that far exceed conventional technologies. Technological development is progressing rapidly all over the world, and its application is progressing in a wide range of fields. We are mainly engaged in technical consulting for the introduction, research and development of AI technology. Accurate problem discovery and technology selection are important in introducing AI technology. We provide solutions based on experience and a wide range of layers in the introduction of AI technology that tends to be preceded by keywords.

hpc consulting.png

HPC consulting

In order to introduce cutting-edge AI and deep learning technology into business, it is important to consider the characteristics of both cloud and on-premise, and make an optimal plan and design according to the situation. NABLAS provides consulting services based on experience and know-how to effectively operate a scientific computing environment using GPU.