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AI-Powered Voice Synthesis

Unlocking Natural Speech:

Deep Learning-Powered Voice Synthesis for Any Text and Any Voice

The 'Voice Synthesis Solution' is an AI-powered solution capable of reading any input text in a multitude of voices. Additionally, it enables the generation of a reading voice (voice cloning) based on any voice data.

Utilizing a deep learning-based approach, it eliminates the unnatural intonation and word breaks typically observed in conventional voice synthesis, achieving a voice synthesis closer to natural human speech.

*Experience a demo featuring sample voices

on the 'AI Technology Demo Site'.



Main Usage Scenarios


Character Voice Generation


Providers Audio Guidance and Reads Out Emails and Manuscripts


Converts Speech into A Customized Voice


Solution Features


Read Any Text or

Sentence Naturally


Can Generate A Voice

Based on A Specific

Person's Actual Voice


Produces High-Quality Voice

in A Short time

NABLAS offers a publicly available demo site featuring a text-to-speech AI that uses deep learning-based voice synthesis models.On the demo site, you can test the functionality by converting any input text into speech using four different voices.

White Paper

Deepfake technology is an imminent threat to society, but the underlying technology, generative deep learning, is of great industrial value and is a promising technology that is expected to bring about change in many industries. NABLAS has published a white paper that not only discusses the threats and negative aspects of deepfakes, but also highlights the underlying technology, generative deep learning, and fake detection technology.

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